Thought for the month

Being a Christian doesn't promise us an easy, comfortable life. In fact, it might be that as Christians, we experience more difficulties and go through more testing times than those who don't believe. 

God tests us in different ways, and each test that we go through helps us grow and mature as a Christian. 
It might be a test that helps us grow spiritually and makes our faith develop. It might be that He leads us into a situation that challenges our old ideas and replaces them with new ones.

     In every test, in every tough situation, in every problem we come up against we need to realise that we can’t solve it alone. 
God asks us to trust that He’s got everything under control, and He’ll either supernaturally remove the obstacle, or lead us in a different direction. Whatever the case, we need to completely trust in Him, trust that He will guide us through every trial. 

            In James 1:12 it says;
                                      ‘God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation’ (NLT)

Being tested is uncomfortable and difficult, but when we stick with it and walk alongside God through the tough times, He’ll allow us to do great things for Him. 

So if you’re feeling like you’re being stretched to breaking point, don't give up - trust that God’s 
preparing you for something amazing, and let Him help you through it.